Gemma R. Gonçalves da Silva

About me

My name is Gemma R. Gonçalves da Silva. I was born in 1971 in Rome, where I live and work, but I am half Portuguese on my mother side.

I've got a degree in Economics and Business and a PhD in Business Administration, then I started working as a tax attorney. That gave me the opportunity to deepen the marketing techniques and legal aspects involving the world of photography , as well as the ability to manage a freelance activity.

As a photographer, my training was mostly self-taught, then I had the opportunuty to grow professionally through endorsement courses, workshops and meetings with great photographers, artists and post-producers of national and international renown, as Eolo Perfido, Fernando Bagnola, Marco Olivotto, Fabio Timpanaro, Efrem Raimondi, Gabriele Rigon, Luca De Nardo, Francesco Ferla, Azzurra Piccardi, Weronika Kosinska, Marta Bevacqua and many others.

I started with travel photography and performing arts pics, but in 2015 I felt in love with fashion and beauty photography. I have been publishing several editorials, in online and printed magazines.

Photography  for me is a simply way to express myself, to communicate my point of view about things that happen.

My creative process begins with the aim to share the way I feel about what is happening in my world. Then the idea takes its shape in a "mood board". However, transforming ideas into projects requires an iron organization and a lot of work, steps that must be afforded with passion and resolution.

At the end the reward is the delivery of healing to people that often live in hurry, forgetting the beauty that the world can still offer.

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