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Figgi Magazine

Figgi Magazine is a magazine for people who sense aesthetics, live it, and shine every day. We don't care about your gender or age. What matters is your vision and exquisite taste.
Figgi Magazine is a photo magazine dedicated to beauty, fashion, portrait, fine-art, kids, men, nude, nature and animals.


Untold Magazine

Untold Magazine is a unique publication for Fashion and Beauty but also the untold stories behind the creators.It is published monthly in a digital and premium paper print publications

Get the Untold Issue 10/22 2 Year

Eleonora & Ilaria Favetti here

Untold Issue 10/22 2 year Eleonora & Ilaria Favetti


Elysium Magazine

International Portrait

and Fashion Magazine

Get the Elysium Issue

25 Alex Scala here

Elysium Issue 25 Alex Scala | MagCloud



Men's Cruze Magazine

MEN's Fashion Magazine

MEN CRUZE was an American weekly men's magazine that was published by STYLÉCRUZE Magazine Inc, founded in 2020. Though primarily a magazine devoted to MEN'S fashion and lifestyle.

Get the MAY 2022 Issue (Vol: 77) here

Makeda Magazine

A Magazine Fit for a Queen

Established in 2021, Makeda Magazine is a black woman owned themed magazine. We pride ourselves on showcasing models, photographers, and digital content entrepreneurs of all shapes, races and sexual orientation.

Get the LGBT pride issue 53 here

Makeda Magazine | LGBTQ PRIDE ISSUE 53 | MagCloud






Makeda Magazine Cover

Goji Magazine

Unconditional love for femininity with no borders.

GOJI MAGAZINE - it's an international high quality magazine about unconditional love for femininity.

Femininity is no longer limited to just women. Men in the fashion world are also showing their feminine side.

Get the GOJI MAGAZINE ISSUE 25 VOL.3 2022 here

ISSUE 25 | GOJI MAGAZINE ISSUE 25 VOL.3 2022 | MagCloud


Mob Journal

Collaboration is greater than Competition.

Mob Journal has been curating art for over 10 years, over multiple platforms, and featuring diverse artwork from international artists. Mob Journal is forever on the lookout for varied aesthetics crafted by a new generation of artists weighing passion into their art. Mob Journal aims to provide a platform to all emerging artists, with the firm belief that artists aren’t born, they’re made.

Esti Magazine

More is more and less is a bore

ESTIMAG is an American fashion magazine that features content such as style through the lens of culture, fashion, art, celebrity, and films. Sophisticated, elegant and provocative print & web magazine, offering a blend of high fashion photography. We publish outstanding works of talented creators from all over the world, who are glad to share their creations and would like to become well known.

Get the July Issue here

2020 | July 2020 | MagCloud

Luxia Magazine

It's all about lux

LUXIA Magazine is an upscale fashion and beauty magazine published weekly, featuring high-quality photography, dedicated to providing original, different, unique, and creative fashion editorial content. We always believed that success was about seizing opportunities in life. Our goal with LUXIA is to provide photographers and artists an opportunity to showcase their work, on a platform to promote their creativity, originality, and authenticity. For those already established, an amazing possibility of reaching out to the audience from all around the world, and for those who are starting, an opportunity to break into fashion. We want to find a spread of amazing and creative material, showcase it, and encourage it to grow by putting the spotlight on promising artists. LUXIA Magazine is visually driven with an international scope, and its content, carefully selected, celebrates a mix of different talents and styles, all blended together to create each issue.

Get the Debut Issue Vol. 3 May 2020 here


Shuba Magazine

High quality Fashion and Beauty Print magazine

Get the Issue 21 Vol 11 here



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